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I never recieved an email to say that a new supply was on its way and couldn't find anywhere where it said I could cancel it.

I emailed them but I am definitely not holding my breath that they will ever get back to me.

It comes out around 21-24 of each month and is around -12 Aus dollars.I'm also going to contact the press in china and pass there details on to them and see if they get put on there news channel.Ref number: ARK002746806753.691 this charge pending $ 87.91 to CELMACE*FIRMTEST DATED 10-23-17 WAS NEVER AUTHORIZED BY ME IT SEEMS THIS IS SOME KIND OF SCAM, MY BANK IS BEING INFORMED TOMORROW.These mongrals scamed me when i brought an item from where they were advertising to Pes*Ks Xsy Trade 17 – 2.91Type Money Out (DEBIT)Date of Transaction (Wed)Date processed (Wed) I have the same trouble.A phone number to ring within 14 days then told ring within 21 days to cancel as I said I do not want repeats I want to try first.I tried to call and sent email so many times but the system denied and message did not sent through.I definitely didn't order anything, answer me immediately what was the purpose of this charge.It never said anywhere in the small print that I would be buying a recurring monthly supply.I ordered a "free" trial bottle of that Garcinia Plus crappy weightloss product.godine, preko visa classic karticnog racuna, izvršena je uplata za PES*ELANDONLINE SHOUNING u iznosu od 527,92 CNY.Tom trasnsakcijom sam platio SEGWAY mini pro skuter, te mi do dana danas nije stiglo nikakav izvještaj o kupovini niti o dostavi artikla kojeg sam kupio.

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