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Earlier today I read a story on here about how someone gave themselves an enemas by pushing bananas up their ***. My Darling, I must confess to you that right after I sent you that email, I was so hot from thinking about you reading it and knowing how you accept me so readily, that I just HAD to go upstairs to my bathroom, with some pictures of you and this email (before you sent me the...

When I was just a child, 3 yrs old I was diagnosed with lazy bowel syndrome,this was in the early fifties,the only remedy then was enemas,my mom would have to give them to me every day, Oh how I hated them,they hurt my stomach,and were very uncomfortable,but mom had no...I am looking for Women/Woman from my region of Pittsburgh Penna. My first enema I was 31 years old it was given by a nice older gentleman. I've been using enemas since I was a kid due to constipation; my parents would administer them most of the time; this went on until I was an older teenager.After that, I started doing them myself and my constipation started to let up a bit so I didn't need them as often. Everyone has a first time enema story, but the lesson I learned one night from a nurse has stayed with me for 45 years.and or suppositories from my mommy since true infancy for life long constipation problems. I love to feel them working while I am writing this.I have mostly ONLY been given Fleets disposable ones. I will then make a hot soapy 2 quart and take it slowly.i can take multiple 2qt enemas in sessions and have the desire to increase volumes i can take and retain comfortably for longer.i recently purchased a larger, 4qt klystra bag, a big upgrade...I find that after a 2 quart or more enema I normally don't have a BM for 24 hours or more.Under stress my colon can either shut down leaving me constipated or go crazy giving me many races to the bathroom...I was around 12 years old, and at a neighbors house.The mother said she had just given her son an enema, due to his being sick and having a high temperature. She said wasn't I familiar with an enema, and I lied and said no. I think I was 13 or 14 and had been given my own enema bag from my Mom a couple of years before then when I started with my periods.

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