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I am looking for Women/Woman from my region of Pittsburgh Penna. My first enema I was 31 years old it was given by a nice older gentleman. I've been using enemas since I was a kid due to constipation; my parents would administer them most of the time; this went on until I was an older teenager.

I was around 12 years old, and at a neighbors house.

The mother said she had just given her son an enema, due to his being sick and having a high temperature. She said wasn't I familiar with an enema, and I lied and said no. I think I was 13 or 14 and had been given my own enema bag from my Mom a couple of years before then when I started with my periods.

Mom after a short trial of laxatives,started giving me enema. just tried an enema for the first time last night and... I've always wanted to do one but I was just to scared to try! I got a water bottle and filled it up with warm water. My Mom would fill the red rubber 2qt open top bag with warm soapy water and hang it in my bathroom from the top of the shower door.

The first few enema she try giving me and I resisted, but she spanked my bare wet bottom about four times. Then I entered the nozzle into my ******* and squeezed the bottle until there was... I still remember the red hose and black nozzle attached to it. My dear husband gives me a Fleet Enema every Saturday before my bath.

Earlier today I read a story on here about how someone gave themselves an enemas by pushing bananas up their ***. My Darling, I must confess to you that right after I sent you that email, I was so hot from thinking about you reading it and knowing how you accept me so readily, that I just HAD to go upstairs to my bathroom, with some pictures of you and this email (before you sent me the...

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I was so turned on by this that I had to go and give it a try for myself. I love for them to lick me when they are filling me up very slowly. I can hold alot for daddy and I love it wheh he wants me to pee for him while... I had to have a procedure done that required I had an enema. I remember thinking, "things are only suppose to go out not go in! I grew up with a very forceful mother who believed in enemas for her six children.i can take multiple 2qt enemas in sessions and have the desire to increase volumes i can take and retain comfortably for longer.i recently purchased a larger, 4qt klystra bag, a big upgrade...the soap in tea bag is like an E and gives me the...i've been into enemas for years and started giving them to myself several years ago.Before that she gave me bulb enemas either over her knee or laying on my side on my bed or the bathroom floor .. This morning I had planned to be out of town but plans fell through and I found myself home with several hours of alone time. I did it myself It was a bit painfu L and difficu Lt to expe L.I got out my favorite bag, an antique brownish orange open top bag that I had picked up several years ago on ebay. Some month later I was constipated and was given an enema this one was much Larger than the other and it was soapy.This is a story I wrote about fifteen years ago recounting one of my first major enema experiences with a very large volume enema. The names have been changed to protect me from those who were there. I have been giving my self ememas since I was 13 and after that I would find things to put up my ***.I first posted it anonymously to enemas, but in the interim it has been re-posted to many enema sites by apparently everyone. On this particular Saturday I had a company school in Programmable Logic Controllers and my partner went to Kyle’s house to fix his computer. In my early years, from aged 17 or so I got really involved with a very nice young girl who at the time was only 15 and after a few weeks of very heavy petting for both of us ie; fingering, sucking & licking each other etc etc, I reached around her and rubbed her puckered and... I prefer anal sex now because it just gives me another reason to have an enema. After taking a big poop, I lubed up 5 marshmallows and stuffed them up my poop hole. I kept them in for 1/2 hour and felt some pressure to expell. Any suggestions for getting more in me before I lose control and fill my panties? Wore a pair of black pantyhose and made a big mess in them ;) filled them with bananas and peed myself too Wish I could fit more, but by two bananas I felt so full and had to go sooo bad!

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