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The only ventriloquist museum in the world, this institution receives 1,200 guests a year.With wall-to-wall figures and thousands of photographs, there is a favorite for everyone at Vent Haven.I'm a fun loving queen and I'm seeking a true, loyal man 35 plus years to please me and spoil me long term. Hey, if you are easy going and looking for great fun times to begin with no strings attached, then message me.

His property was put into a charitable foundation and dedicated as a three-building museum the following year.

He wasn't a ventriloquist, just a lover of Vaudeville.

Since 1930, dummies began to fill the Berger household, taking over the bedrooms, the dining room, and eventually spilling out into the garage.

It's not every easy to find the right guy who wants to commit to a long term relationship.

I'm looking for a dedicated, loyal partner who loves to spoil and please.

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