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Draco malfoy pansy parkinson dating

S are so close~ Him just doing your homework for you~ Snape recognizes his handwriting but doesn’t say anything~ Yelling at him about the word “mudblood” ~ EVERYONE in the entire school would know that you were his ~ When the basilisk is out and about he walks you to every class even if he’s late for his own~ Since Draco is a literal genius you two would both put your names in the Goblet of Fire~ He would love to kiss you~ The kisses would rang from little pecks to him literally trying to suck your face off~ Harry would hate you~ Ron would think you were the hottest creature on the planet~ Hermoine would secretly admire how smart and independent you were~ Lucius loving you and always telling you embarrassing things about Draco ~ Lucius would be like a second father to you ~ He would be so hard on Draco, but the second something upset you he would be threatening to kill~ Him and Narcissa would send you on shopping sprees all the time~ Draco would love shopping with you~ “Will you try on lingerie for me?

Harry Potter: Draco's First Kiss: One-Shot Summary: Everyone has known that Draco Malfoy is dating Pansy Parkinson been dating since third year! I sat up in bed seeing her fixing her hair in the mirror."And you are waking me up because? Ever since, I had gotten here in the beginning of Seventh year Pansy was nothing but mean to me her and our other roommate Astoria Greengrass.

It was still bright out no rain today I had noticed when I was walking up the steps of the tower.

Crabbe, go get two butterbeers.”~ Watching the Black Lake from the common room and pointing out all the creatures~ Him taking you on broom rides and doing crazy tricks to impress you~ Which usually scares the hell out of you~ But you loved being in the sky~ Harry Potter would not be allowed to even breathe in your general direction~ A first year Hufflepuff accidentally bumping into you and knocking your books out of your hand~ Draco pinning him against the wall and threatening him until he cries~ “Draco, what the hell is wrong with you! You promised.” ~ You just walking up and snogging Draco right in the middle of their conversation and whispering something super dirty in his ear~ “N-No, Pansy.

I need love and attention, stop ignoring me.” ~ “Go get some attention from Goyle.” ~ You HATING Pansy Parkinson~ Her knowing and trying to get in arguments with you every day~ Her twirling her hair and batting her eyelashes at Draco in the hallway, “Dracy, are you still helping me with my Potions later?

Can't believe that I missed it." Harry said and I had glared at him and had rolled my eyes at him." I also had a run in with Malfoy today.

He keeps calling me Muggle even though I know that he knows my real name." Harry and Ron looked at each other and then looked at me."What did you do to him? I shrugged my shoulders at them."I ran into him when I wasn't paying attention and then he yelled at me saying that I had messed up his uniform with my filth because I am a Muggle. " I asked them."You would think that after the war he would change but I guess some people like him do not change. He is a git and will always will be." Harry smiled at me and I had nodded in agreement.

I penned a short essay along with my pictorial titled, "The Feminist Mystique".

A big thank you to @Playboy, the creative team, and @cooperbhefner for such a unique opportunity.

After the war I thought I can changed into a better person but so much has happened and I didn't inspect that a Muggle would be at Hogwarts I was so confused and I didn't know what to do about it. " I crossed my arms he turned his head away."I'm sorry I was caught up in the moment." It was quiet for a few minutes with either of us saying anything. Moreover, even if I did break up with her it wouldn't look good." I blinked fast at him again. "I like you okay I don't know why but I think I do." I gulped."I-I do not know what to say I mean; now I am confused as well." I ran my hands through my black hair holding my head Draco nodded." I will give you time if you wish." He said then I nodded agreeing with him." I better go before the others come wondering where I am." I said turning around and was leaving the Owly Room.

This one's for Harry Potter fans: remember Pansy Parkinson, the Slytherin who was kind of dating Draco Malfoy?

” ~ “You.” ~ Him loving to play with your hair~ Jealousy ~ SO MUCH JEALOUSLY~ You sharing notes with Goyle and Draco ignoring you both for the rest of the day~ “Draco, what is your problem?

” ~ “’M sorry darling, just instincts…” ~ Him helping you with homework ~ You getting so stressed because you don’t understand and just having a mental breakdown because O. ” ~ Little arguments all the time~ Exploring Hogwarts and knowing about lots of the castle’s secrets~ Discovering the Mirror of Erised together~ “What do you see?

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