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Diablo updating blizzard launcher

This is not the only Window-only app hosted, since Overwatch does not have a Mac version.

Patch 1.7 was released in mid February 2017 and added a Suggested Friends feature that added several ways to look for potential new friends (friends of friends, Facebook friends, and Diablo friends).

For the time being, the desktop app generates a self-signed certificate that’s unique to your machine and configures your system to trust it.

Blizzard Entertainment has dumped the iconic branding from its popular games launcher.

To facilitate these features, we updated the local webserver to use a self-signed certificate to be consistent with current industry security standards.

For those interested in more detail, using these features requires your web browser to communicate with the Blizzard desktop app.

An update, which users first encountered late last night, changes the client’s icon from the logo into one just as familiar: that of Blizzard Entertainment.

That makes sense, as Blizzard first announced in September that it was “transitioning away” from the name.

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