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Water must be available at all times for dogs, but only twice a day for farm animals, for example, Peckinpaugh said.

Peckinpaugh did point out that farm animals inside of a home, especially with winter weather so often an issue in recent months, is not uncommon or bad if they’re properly cared for. They wag their tails and give kisses and love to snuggle.

INDIANA -- Despite 16 years of helping and rescuing animals in Muncie, Animal Rescue Fund founder Terri Panszi encountered a first on Wednesday. According to Panszi, an out-of-town woman who responded to the listing found herself at a home north of Muncie with conditions so deplorable she was compelled to call her own animal control officials in Hancock County.

What mostly began as an investigation by ARF into a Craigslist ad of lambs for sale ended with the rescue of nine animals in need of care and an animal neglect citation issued to Catherine Morgan, 29, of New Castle.

Panszi said it was the weakest of the group when they took control of the animals.

The other seven lambs and single goat – named Billy by ARF – seemed to be responding well to bottle feedings from ARF workers.

Akuroku A decade apart and he still remembered her. M for language, underage alcohol consumption, and adult situations.

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“One of the issues we’re concerned with is water,” said Lynnetta Harley, environmental health director for Delaware County who was at the scene Wednesday evening.

“They did not have water, so that is one thing we can deem it unfit for human habitation.

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