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There is no amount of advice or eye rolling from our best friend that will detour us from craving his company.

And, there is certainly no quote on Pinterest that will cure the emotional upheaving once the comedown ensues his departure.

It’s okay to be sad or fear his or her sudden absence after we hit the delete key.

For only a moment, I feel serenity and comfort in his familiar scent and delicate kisses down the side of my neck.

We blame our friends who left us alone at the bar just long enough for him or her to strike for number three. Let’s blame that one on the sh*t week that left us feeling run down before he or she swooped in to pick us back up for that short time span.

Oh yeah, and the fifth time that person fooled us, well, that’s easy; we can blame that one on the alcohol, naturally.

The blame game can’t last forever, though, and the excuses will eventually become null.

There comes to a point when there is no longer any blame left to pin on anyone but ourselves.

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