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I had so much fun doing this, and I’m pretty sure Hubs would be okay with extending it to the end of the month.

I encourage you and your partner to check out this quiz as well as the book by Gary Chapman. They are doing a #14Daysof Love Challenge that starts today.

All my printouts for this challenge came from their website, and they are a combo of love notes, surprises, and acts of service.

So yeah, it wasn’t necessarily his favorite dessert, but it was a dessert nonetheless.

As fast as he ate it, I’m pretty sure these were a hit!

His love languages are quality time and acts of service. It’s just an opportunity to spread some love and kindness; something we all need right about now. It’s a site geared towards healthy and happy marriages (dating couples can benefit as well).

Someone with this love language always appreciates serving out of love. They offer tons of date ideas, as well as some great relationship advice.

I decided to switch it up just a little though, and make a healthier alternative.

I’ve been wanting to try these skinny frozen yogurt sandwiches I found on Pinterest. You use a little greek yogurt, low fat cool whip, and strawberries.

Last night we got dressed up for our fancy dinner at home. We had some chocolate chip cookies and ice cream for dessert, and a little bubbly to drink.

We had ribeye steaks with blue cheese crumbles and grilled onions on top, steak fries, and caesar salads. I’m not too good at cooking steaks so I always let him handle it. The night was topped off with a few gifts from each other. Day 12 was a love note listing 14 different things that I love about Hubs. It doesn’t matter if you have no time to cook, or wash their car.

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