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Dating your student

In China, there is the misconception that all foreigners are rich.

It can be quite scary for a foreigner to be put under this kind of pressure at an early stage in a relationship so be warned that this is something that you may need to deal with.

So, you tick all her boxes and you both embark on a relationship.

When I asked her why she had lied, she said that she did not like talking about the past and that she liked to pretend that her father was still alive and with her in spirit.

Whilst we were an item, I also discovered that she was still an active member of several dating sites although I do not know if she actually dated anyone else whilst she was with me.

In this article, I will be sharing some of my personal experiences of dating and romance in China and providing some advice on how to deal with the various issues that you may encounter.

English seems to be a very “feminine” subject in China so if you are a man teaching English major students at a university in China, you will find yourself surrounded by young female students, some of whom will of course be very pretty! First, a teacher is held in a position of trust and should not betray that trust.

Dating a colleague (either a fellow foreign teacher or a local Chinese one) is an option but when I tried to date my Chinese counterpart teacher a few years ago, I was turned down because she was looking for a local man and not a foreigner.

This is one problem that you will need to be aware of – some Chinese girls will be reluctant to get into a relationship with a foreigner because they know that at some point, you will leave the country and she will have to decide whether to follow you or to break up with you. There are a number of dating websites in China such as China Love, Asian, and among others and it was on one of these websites that I met my ex-girlfriend.

My ex-girlfriend for example, told me that she had a father and that he was a retired factory worker.

It was not until my own father arrived in China to discuss the marriage terms that I found out that her father had actually died years before I had even met her.

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