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Dating work colleague tips

Firstly, you’ll have a close confidante whom you can trust with almost anything particularly the goings-on in office.

You can use him or her as a conduit for ferreting out or passing on vital information-an activity that obviously you cannot carry out yourself. Secondly, you’ll have the privilege of studying your colleague from close quarters almost every other day to establish whether he or she would be the right person to go out with.

If your office colleague expresses his or her displeasure, then you should take it seriously.

Since you slog for long hours in office, it is quite natural on your part to develop a close bond with an office colleague in the course of your work.

However, if you’re seriously considering asking him or her out for a date, you should be in the know about your company’s guidelines or policies on dating employees.

More importantly, observing your co-worker closely everyday will help you to decide eventually whether he or she’ll be the right individual to settle down with.

Even if you’re not thinking anything beyond dating that person, you’ll at least be spared of the trouble of going on a blind date with someone who’s a complete stranger.

Therefore, there is every probability or possibility that you’ll bump into your future life partner in your place of work.

However, statistics and surveys regarding affairs between male and female colleagues only throw up figures.

Apart from that, there are some rational tips on how to date a work colleague that you should be better aware of in case you’re deeply involved with someone in your office.

There is nothing illicit or immoral about taking a more than usual interest in somebody in your office or asking that person out.

It usually happens when one gets mixed signals from the individual one is trying to date and develop a relationship with.

He or she usually ends up misreading the signs that might be simple and plain overtures or gestures of friendliness or openness.

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