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He grew up in the heavily Jewish garment district that was made famous by Mordecai Richler, he recalled in a self-written obituary, which made up part of his autobiography.

His father, Maurice Hartt, was born in Tacu, Romania, “a tiny village so minuscule it does not appear even on detailed maps of the administrative division of Moldovia,” Hartt wrote.

The seat had been declared vacant when Communist MP Fred Rose was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union.

Bytown's first mayor was John Scott, elected in 1847. Wellington Street, Rideau Street, Sussex and Sparks Street were some of the earliest streets in use.

Bytown was located where the Rideau Canal meets the Ottawa River and consisted of two parts centered around the canal, Upper Town and Lower Town. Sappers Bridge actually connected Sparks Street to Rideau Street at that time.

He is survived by his four children and seven grandchildren.

and superseded by the incorporation of the City of Ottawa on January 1, 1855. The number of houses now built is about 150, most of which are constructed of wood; frequently in a style of neatness and taste that reflects great credit upon the Inhabitants.

Spector said that in a “dead-on impersonation” of the prime minister, Hartt would say, “Stanley, did you see it?

” to which Hartt would reply, “See what, prime minister?The former prime minister considered Hartt to be “one of the smartest young men of our generation.” Hartt’s 1994 Order of Canada citation praised him as “an articulate advocate for Canada.He has informed Canadians about the inner workings of their government and his experienced advice is sought by both political and charitable organizations alike.” Norman Spector, his successor as Mulroney’s chief of staff, called Hartt “a first-class intelligence wrapped in a most engaging personality.” One of Hartt’s “best shticks,” Spector told began.Maurice Hartt was elected to Quebec’s national assembly as a Liberal in the riding of Saint-Louis in 1939 and re-elected in 1944.He was then elected to the House of Commons in 1947, in the riding of Cartier.The unpopular GST was a tough sell, but Hartt believed it was the right thing to do.In 1989, he became Mulroney’s chief of staff, “a role much less focused on policy and more on day-to-day management of the PMO.” This included handling various crises, such as “a hijacked bus driven onto Parliament Hill with an armed man threatening the passengers directly in front of the Peace Tower; the discovery of cyanide injected into grapes imported from Chile, so that every single grape had to be removed from store shelves throughout Canada; the Oka disturbance involving armed First Nations protesters angry at development proposals; a misprinted budget discarded in a garbage pail and given wide publicity before it was scheduled to be delivered in the House of Commons; and so on.” In choosing public service over his legal career, Hartt “gave up hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in compensation,” Mulroney wrote in his memoirs.I enjoy going for walks and sitting around a bonfire, enjoy camping,swimming,or just snuggling with .. Im shy at first but once we get to no each other im very open .My friends and family mean everything to me I would do everything and anything for them I like to read, ..The founding was marked by a sod turning, and a letter from Governor General Dalhousie which authorized Lieutenant Colonel John By to divide up the town into lots. On the elevated banks of the Bay, the Hospital, an extensive stone building, and three Barracks stand conspicuous; nearly on a level with them, and on the eastern side of the Bay, is the residence of Colonel By, Command Royal Engineer at that Station.Bytown came about as a result of the construction of the Rideau Canal and grew largely due to the Ottawa River timber trade. Colonel By laid out the streets of Bytown, a pattern that mostly exists today.

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