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: The Southern Operas of Delius, Davidson and the Drive-By Truckers” and recently started research on a medical humanities project: “The Sick South: Disease, Disability, Dying and Death in an American Region.” Brian is currently Chair of the British Association for American Studies.

Brian is completing two books, A&Rchitects of American Roots Music: The Record Producers who Created Blues and Hillbilly Music (co-authored with Patrick Huber) and Martin Luther King Jr in Newcastle upon Tyne.

He is also working on an article provisionally called “Sounds Southern?

Simply unlock the paths that lead you to the location that is associated with the spots that the numbers are located in on the first floor.

Note: The pathways will not be the same, but the “coordinates” of the blocks in which the numbers and letters are located will be.

Brian is Northumbria University’s first Professor in American Studies.

Previously, he held the Chair in American Studies at the University of Manchester (2006-2012), served as Head of the Department of History at the University of Florida (2000-2006), and taught at the Universities of Newcastle upon Tyne (1991-2000) and Durham (1990-91).

However, much to his delight, the Minstrel has found that a command does exist that will undo this magick that has him bound, though it is locked behind a maze he is unable to solve.

Off to the labyrinth (AKA, the Cheap Dungeon) for you!

Worried that these pests would distress those of Eorzea and distract from the reflection of the Calamity and celebration of its end, Nonora requested the aid of the Wandering Minstrel.

Though the appearance of the bugs has ceased, so has the appearance of the Minstrel.

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