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Dating middle school

When the two people say they are dating, nothing really changes except for them being together more often and occasionally, GASP! In reality, there is no dating most of the time in middle school, just awkward staring and awkward smiles, but when there is dating it isn’t even really dating.Except for the 8th graders, at least in my school there’s been a lot of rumors about 8th graders, um, getting serious (if you know what I mean).

Middle schoolers almost never have either independent of their parents, so unless there’s a nice coffeeshop or mall in the neighborhood, they’re not going to be having dinner dates without their parents being involved (never a pleasant experience).

Not to mention many of their peers will tease them relentlessly out of immaturity or jealousy.

In my experience, middle school relationships rarely work out because the kids involved are usually too immature to not be jerks, and have no idea of what is a good date.

Now, some might say that dating is like “practicing” for marriage, and the more one practices, the better they are at the game, so why not start early. Many of my friends were quite adept at the dating game, and they started late in high school or even college.

Cooties are a thing of the past, and even kissing and cuddling isn’t so gross, so middle schoolers decide that they want to get to know this person better, much like high schoolers or college students do.

That’s not to say I think dating in middle school is a good idea. As I’ve written in the past, dating is pretty much garbage when you lack money or transportation.To prove that when it comes to dating and love, we can all still act pretty damn childish, The Atlantic asked a handful of middle school kids, “What is dating like?” The seventh grade boys and girls had some pretty interesting ideas on what dating, at least at their age is like, in regards to their personal experiences and what they’ve witnessed in the hallways of school.Everyone follows these relationships with the intensity of a Game of Thrones binge-watcher, for reasons that I don’t really know.Plus, rumors are created right and left about these relationships causing mistrust and eventually leading to “the big breakup”.Healthy romantic relationships are a very important developmental experience for teens.I Funny In middle school dating is a special privilege reserved usually for the popular kids, but occasionally is granted to those who are just completely compatible and practically made for each other.But what is most interesting about the video is that dating at 12 and 13 isn’t all that different from dating as an adult.In other words, you can never go wrong with heading to Chipotle on a date, especially a first date.We had different dreams and goals, and no amount of kissing on the back of the bus was going to fix that. It hurt and I cried for a whole three hours, but it was the right thing to do.It was best that we part as friends, and I finally start calling him T.

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