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Dating mastery series

In fact, nine years ago my spouse broke up with me.Although we were very much in love, there were some things I just didn’t understand about how to create super-successful relationships…and quite frankly, I made some pretty serious mistakes that led to a three year break up.

This means that our first Consult will take place within 7 days or as soon as your schedule permits.

Retail Value: $200.00 In fact, when you’re coming from a place of inner security and confidence, you don’t really need any relationship ‘techniques’ at all…you can simply be YOURSELF and have your relationship flow effortlessly.

This 30 Day Home Study Program will provide you with the inner game foundation you need to handle stressful relationship challenges.

It is completely downloadable and you will be able to access in moments, with no wait time.

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Retail Value: 7.00 Both the audio program and the transcript are downloable and immediately accessible upon enrolling in Relationship Mastery.You’ll learn: This blueprint will be based on your unique relationship situation and temperament and will keep you on track when there are minor setbacks in the relationship.I’ll provide support and encouragement so that you stay strong, motivated, and hopeful.This formula was developed and tested with over 6,000 people in the last 14 years and unlocks the key to breakthrough confidence.In this program, you get four private Courage to Win Lessons Delivered to You Online Once a Week – This program is THE personal success manual of the 21st century.How To Make Yourself Irresistible Audio Program – Retail Value:.97 Transcript – Retail Value: .95 In this radical volume, I address an issue that can destroy your confidence: being rejected by the person you love most.This book will teach you exactly what to do and say to reconcile with your lover or spouse.I won’t bore you with the gory details, but suffice to say that I needed to fix my ignorance about .Of course, the main thing blocking me at the time was my ‘inner game’ – my fear of rejection and abandonment, something most of us secretly harbor in close relationships. Here is what I’m talking about: My name is Lisa Lane Brown, and I’ve had a few ‘hard knocks’ of my own when it comes to relationships. Dear Friend, Now you can unleash your natural ability to get the love, respect, appreciation and passion you deserve in all your relationships…while eliminating your fear of rejection and gaining unshakable confidence at the same time.

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