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Dating leo female

The Taurean’s first mission in life is to create a secure and comfortable home and a comfortable cache in the bank.But he doesn’t just save money for the sake of seeing the zeros accumulate—he likes to make dreams a reality, and if he loves you, he will quietly and steadily save for years to buy his Lioness anything she wants. They are also very close to their family, particularly their mothers.

Are you having a hard time getting your head around a Taurus man, Leo?

Finding yourself confused by his sudden distance or blocked by his almost seemingly willful refusal to take the next step in your relationships?

One more thing to note is that Taurus isn’t known for making the very first move.

You cannot be the wilting flower, waiting to be plucked with this one.

This MUST seem odd, given you have likely read a lot about that Taurus consistency- my articles included. This has to do with the way that anxiety or worry is processed by a Taurus guy, actually.

You may not understand this, but he’ll open when things are secure for him.

Taureans have a quiet, earthy sexuality that is both appealing and makes people feel at ease with them immediately.

They make friends easily and often have a large network of friends across all age groups.

Or, are you experiencing the dreaded Taurus man’s cold shoulder?

Well, I’m here to help and I promise you, by the time you’re done reading this you will better understand this man and yourself- and how you two relate to one another.

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