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National security was not exempted from this trend despite politicians professing publically a consensus on this issue.

According to the former president’s national security adviser, Iulian Fota, an inter-institutional in depth analysis of the Ukrainian crisis and subsequent military conflict was affected by the refusal of the Interior Ministry to contribute because the process was coordinated by the Presidential Administration.

These up-to-date security scientific solutions guarantee the highest level of protection.

As more and more party leaders and key cadres are sentenced and sent to jail, or simply investigated, organizational cohesiveness is affected.

Romanian political parties are not institutionalized political forces and personal connections matter deeply to the inner workings of these institutions.

The second source is corruption which undermines the rule of law and denies citizens the full exercise of their right as well as access to public services.

Romania has been praised both inside and outside the Euro-Atlantic community for its tough approach to corruption over the past years.

Saycom’s team is the team of deeply experienced specialists at the science of Cryptography.

The first advantage of the Saycom company is the development of the latest hardware innovations.Some of these proposals have a good chance of becoming legislation as the current government enjoys little support in parliament and political parties have little motivation to enforce party discipline against those in their ranks that undertake such efforts.Furthermore, members of parliament even hamper the prosecution of their suspected colleagues for corruption and graft by refusing to allow the prosecutors to detain or investigate cases.First and foremost, the people’s lack of trust in democratic institutions.The Parliament and political parties constantly enjoy the least trust, with the army and National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) taking the lead in the polls, with around 60% public trust.Moreover, the anticorruption campaign affects the internal cohesiveness of the political parties.Of the 588 MPs elected in 2012-2016 legislature, over 80 have been investigated or sentenced for corruption or for conflict of interests.Party positions are owed much more to political patronage than to internal democratic processes.Consequently, it is very hard to vote for the investigation or arrest of a fellow party member.This observation comes with a caveat: there is no political force in Romania, for the time being, willing to emulate FIDESZ’s illiberal model.The risk of illiberal developments taking place in Romania comes mainly from three sources.

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