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Sure, when I was still using the app, I'd get in-app currency for each recommendation, but who's counting? Going back to my girlfriend's question, I guess it isn't difficult telling my folks we met on a dating app.Besides, I'm sure they'd rather I date than drink at home.

Both of us are looking forward to every happy moments shared together.

Just last month, my girlfriend asked me a fairly innocent question: "How are you going to tell your parents about how we met?

I used to think: "Hey, I'm young, friendly, nice (I think) and have a steady job.

I don't need an app or anything, for that matter, to help me find a girlfriend." Never, I said to myself, would I need to put myself behind a virtual shopping window, sell my virtues like a desperate encyclopaedia salesman and hope that strangers would be persuaded enough to click "like". You see, when you work 12-hour days and also have to work on the weekends, the ability to date or meet new people is seriously compromised.

Given these limitations, which I'm sure are not limited to a whisky-loving, time-strapped journalist, a dating app is the best chance I have of finding a partner.

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More than anything, it connects me with new people instantly and, to top it off, with minimal impact on my recreational habits." Although most couples would like nothing more than to regale unwitting listeners with stories about how they met, in our case, it was a little different. Some time last year, I downloaded one after hearing about it from a friend.At first, I didn't tell anyone I was using a dating app.If you want to join a dating agency that truly cares for their members, Dating Moments would be your choice!We were both happy that we had found one another through Dating Moments and would like to inspire other singles out there not to give up and try out this dating agency.In fact, I concealed the app in a folder on the last page of my i Phone's home screen.Whenever I received a notification, I would make sure no one was looking before surreptitiously loading the app. Some still associate them with sleaze and seediness, even though such apps are increasingly popular.In 2014, dating app Tinder claimed it matched more than 12 million people a day.Ironically, I once belonged to the tribe that slighted dating apps.But going out with different people helped me understand what I wanted in a partner, which was how I eventually got into a relationship, despite my concerns.Nowadays, whenever I meet a friend who is single and looking to date, I deliver a long lecture about the perks of using a dating app, not least because it helped me find that special someone.

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