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Dating ideas for new couples at night

Having triplets and a 3yo makes it a little difficult to get out for a regular date night out of the house.We try to do things every once in a while but it’s sometimes easier to just sit at home and binge watch on Netflix.While that’s not the worst thing to do, it can be if you never do anything different.

Whether it’s on Itunes, Amazon Music or Pandora, make a playlist with songs for different events.

If it reminds you of your spouse or times you’ve had together.

Read a book or look up some constellations online and then spend the night outside looking for them.

Put a blanket on the grass and cuddle up as you point them out.

You can even change some of the rules or make bets with each other which can add a fun twist to it.

Maybe you’ve been talking about going somewhere for a while or haven’t taken a vacation. Choose a decade, a country, or a favorite place and base it on that.Use the list here to get you started and you can take a bunch of pictures of the things your spouse likes or make it a fun quiz and then enjoy some of those things you love.Pick up some bubbles while your at the store, light some candles in the bathroom and relax together.Relaxing on the bed and reading out loud can be a fun way to hang out and the best part is you can talk about the book as you go along.Try out your spouse’s favorite hobby or look up some how-to videos online for a hobby you’ve always wanted to try and give it a whirl.Build a fort or set up a tent if you have enough room.Get out the camp chairs and have a fun night “camping out”.You can roast marshmallows on the stove and tell stories around your campfire.Some of the best times and memories can come from playing games, especially ones where you have to use certain skills.If it’s not so nice outside, spread out a blanket in the front room.Get all the fixings while at the store earlier and then make the biggest ice cream sundae you can think of, topped with anything you both want.

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