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Dating guys with bad teeth

Good heavens, if bad teeth is the only complaint, your friend should count herself lucky!!!

But I clean them regularly and see my dentist at least every 3 months. Here in the UK we have Denplan (an insurance system) which I am able to afford.I'm really, really tired of this superficial society we all seem to be contributing to....well after a lifetime of bad teeth .thousands of dollars in bills and work..And, lastly, a kind heart and soul always beats nice teeth.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. This guy sounds like he really needs a dentist, and not only for cosmetic reasons. Apparently when he was growing up in the UK, they couldn't afford dental care etc and he's spent thousands of dollars over the last year repairing the damage but the only way they'll get better is if he gets false teeth like bridge work.I do understand that dental treatment is expensive, but an effort to correct them would be truly appreciated.Incorrect grammar/spellings and bad oral hygiene, always a turn off !That’s a really interesting question and the answer, for me, would be no - unless I knew that he intended to get them fixed. It’s the fact that he didn’t care enough about himself to get his teeth fixed.Now I appreciate dental fees are really expensive so no blame attached there but someone who takes care of their appearance - and values themselves to make taking care of their appearance a priority - is always going to be more attractive than someone who is a bit of a slob. There are so many ‘Hollywood smiles’, so many veneers that are so white you need sunglasses (which I personally don’t find attractive).I broke down and had them all fixed in Mexico.I have some pretty teeth...women look at teeth as well as everything else about ya .having good teeth is a tis nice to chew also.. respects Wow..I have heard enough shallowness to last a lifetime!

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    Join Date Nov 2010; Posts 4,685. So it is like he doesn't take care of them? Or just bad luck with his teeth? If it's him being unhygienic and not taking care of them then that would be kind of a dealbreaker for me. I couldn't handle being with someone who wasn't clean/hygienic. It's a big.…

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    It has always been an absolute deal breaker for me if a man has bad breath and I don't mean stale breath but bad breath from food particles rotting between his teeth or gum disease that is so advanced his flesh and teeth are rotting. I absolutely cannot kiss him and would not be able to get intimate with him.…