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Dating customs in portugal

In the ninth century, during the reconquest (714–1140 ), Christian forces dominated the area between the Minho River, which forms the border of modern Portugal in the north, and the Douro River, and the region became known as Territorium Portucalense .

Portugal emerged as an independent kingdom in 1140 with its capital in the northern city of Guimarães.

Early statehood, the expulsion of the Moors, and the expulsion or conversion of the Jews laid the foundation for a unified national culture.

Portugal has been receiving immigrants, primarily from former overseas territories such as the Cape Verde Islands.

This immigrant population, which has settled primarily in the greater Lisbon area, is estimated to be approximately 200,000. Portuguese is a Romance language with Latin roots, although some words are Arabic in origin.

It expresses the nationalism that emerged in late nineteenth-century Anglo-Portuguese conflicts over African territory.

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Nostalgia for the past and for the homeland is represented in the sentiments of Sebastianismo and saudade and in the lyrics of the fado .

The population increased until the 1960s, when it declined by more than 200,000 as a result of emigration to northern Europe.

In the 1970s, the population rose by more than a quarter million as retornados returned from Africa after decolonization.

The fado is thought to date back to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century and to combine Moorish, African, and indigenous elements. Portugal has been inhabited since Paleolithic times.

Various peoples settled in the region, though the modern Portuguese trace their descent to the Lusitanians, who spread over the peninsula in the third millennium added new elements to the population, particularly in the south.

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