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Walfish believes this mirroring behavior begins in the mother-infant relationship where a mother holds the infant, and imitates the infant’s expression while vocalizing the emotion implied by the infant’s expression.For example, if a baby smiles, the mother coos, and if the baby cries, the mother will mirror the dissatisfaction, and then vocalize a speculative hypothesis, such as “you’re hungry,” “you’re tired,” or “you have a wet diaper.”“When the parent mirrors the infant, the mirroring action helps the child...Late psychologist Robert Zajonc of the University of Michigan explored the notion of convergence of appearance, or why couples begin to look like each other over time.

Wade suggests we engage in unconscious emotional mimicry by imitating the people we are around the most.“[O]ur facial lines are similar as a result — the shared similar emotional experiences create this,” he said.

If our partner has laugh lines, we’ll probably have them too.

People have inflated ideas about their own traits and abilities, known as “positive illusions,” which is why it’s not far-fetched to imagine them desiring a partner who shares their likeness. We even have the same initials” says Jerry.“Now I know what I’ve been looking for all these years,” Jerry says. Pairing with people who are genetically similar to us acts as an assurance that our own genetics will be safely maintained and passed on to future generations. Joel Wade, professor of Psychology at Bucknell University, believes we evolutionarily seek relationships with kin to gain assistance with life tasks, which helps us survive, and therefore, preserves our genetic lineage.

For example, on episode, "The Invitation," Jerry meets a girl who acts, talks, and looks just like him. We subconsciously want to pass on our own genes, so we search for someone who looks like us to boost our chances of having a child similar to us.

over a period of months, to develop a greater sense of self awareness, and self control as they see their own emotions within their parents’ faces,” said Walfish.

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In turn, the infant then learns to mirror their mother’s emotions.

The obnoxious couple who finishes each other’s sentences, laughs together on cue, or even wears color-coordinated outfits is known as “couple twins” or “boyfriend twins.” The phenomenon refers to the subconscious attraction we develop for someone who is eerily similar to us — our doppelgänger.

Perhaps stranger, the longer we date our partners, the more likely we’ll start to morph into them.

Wrinkles are partly caused by the use of certain muscles in the face, so it makes sense that couples who cohabit are more likely to get wrinkles in the same places because of a lifetime of shared emotions.

In Zajonc’s study, facial wrinkles and other facial contours, for instance, were defined enough that the judges were able to match husbands and wives far more often when the couples were older than when they were younger.

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