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Dating ballantines whiskey

Lastly, Miltonduff is the oldest of the three distilleries, dating back to the at least the late 18th century.

Terence Ong, managing director for Pernod Ricard Taiwan, a company that holds some of the world’s biggest whiskey names, said: “Ballantine’s was one of the first whiskey brands to come into the market and 15 years later, they are still here.

Even so, Taiwan is a country where you have to innovate or your brand will get lost in the crowd.” These malts, each named after the distilleries they come from: Glenburgie, Miltonduff and Glentauchers, had their time as part of a blend and now, they get to shine in their own right.

The world’s second best-selling Scotch whisky, which sells over 80 million bottles a year, has made the unprecedented move to give consumers a ‘unique opportunity’ to experience the flavour of the three main malt whiskies that comprise the Ballantine’s blend.

Peter Moore, Ballantine’s global brand director, said: ‘The single malts category is dynamic and continues to grow rapidly as more consumers become lovers of this iconic Scottish spirit.

‘As a globally known brand, we are sure that consumers will have confidence in the quality and credibility of these new single malts as they are widely recognised as the signature malts that form the heart of Ballantine’s.’ Glenburgie distillery was built near Forres in 1829, and produces a fragrant, sweet and grassy style of malt whisky.

Glentauchers was designed by the legendary Charles Doig, and built by James Buchanan & Co. Its spirit is floral and sweet, and light in style.

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For decades, it has been the same prolonged debate among Scotch experts about which is better: single malts or blends?

For the Taiwanese, it’s just a matter of how fast you can down your dram. ’, which literally means ‘empty your glass’ — a far cry from the traditional Scottish Gaelic cheer that is ‘slàinte mhath’ meaning 'cheers and enjoy'.

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