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Dating and experience and disaster

As unsettling as the Paul character is, Korine deserves a lot of praise for his phenomenal performance.As creepy as he is, I get why Bria has ditched him yet.He’s the kind of guy that everyone has a nice thing to say about until they find out he has a bunch of bodies in his basement.

More than any of other double shots, these two episodes really showed off how different season’s two stories are.

While Bria struggles to gather together enough money to buy a used car, Erica negotiates million-dollar deals before lunch.

what a joke, not a dime, he has my dog, etc, I no longer speak to him or want anything to do with this loser!

11) I can tell you when people say you learn from your mistakes, it is true! Yes me, I Believe in karma and this man will get his some day!

The other more critical issue seems to be that the couple is drifting apart.

Despite what Erica said, she clearly still has feelings for Darya.

She began taking on additional clients with no Girlfriend Experience involved just parking lot sex.

And she finally acquiesced to Paul (Harmony Korine) to take her and Kayla (Morgana Davies) out on a date.

As far as the money, well I have written that off as well. Tune in tomorrow, I’m sorry this wasn’t funny, but I hope you out there will find a lesson as well in my I can promise you there are many more humorous stories to follow!

Erica (Anna Freil) and Anna (Louisa Krause) grew closer but lurking enemies and ex-girlfriend threatened their newfound happiness.

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