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are examples of societies that have practiced avunculocal residence.

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Alfred Radcliffe-Brown identified the Tsonga (Ba Thonga) of Mozambique, the Tongans of the Pacific, and the Nama of Namibia as avunculate societies as early as 1924.This way, each such headdress is a unique, inimitable artwork.Saukele was given from mother to daughter, from generation to generation.After wedding the wife wore saukele for solemn occasions in the course of year, more exactly, until birth of first child.Saukele (whole item and its separate parts), just as all Kazakh headdresses, has high semantic status. 81 Ethnologists describe under the heading of avunculate the customs regulating in an altogether special way the relations of a nephew to his maternal uncle. The anthropological term "avunculocal residence" refers to this convention, which has been identified in about 4% of the world's societies. 171 The Omaha are patrilineal now, but their having the avunculate proves that they once traced descent through the mother, for on no other hypothesis can such a usage be explained. " An avunculocal society is one in which a married couple traditionally lives with the man's mother's eldest brother, which most often occurs in matrilineal societies.On the way we stop at Cholpon Ata Open Air Rock art museum that covers 42 hectares territory with pre-historic structures (ritual stone circles, balbals-tombs, graves of Saka-Usuni period and petroglyphs dated from 500 BC to 600 AD. You will climb the minaret and visit a small museum nearby. You will climb the minaret and visit a small museum nearby rests of an ancient town Balasagyn. Back to city tour of Bishkek – State History Museum, Lenin Statue, White House, Ala Too Square, Manas on Horse Monument, Oak Duboviy Park and Osh bazaar. Saukele (‘sau’ – “sunny, beautiful”, ‘kele’ – “head’) and jurt were the most expensive elements of the bride’s dowry, so richly decorated saukeles represent best samples of Kazakh folk applied art. Jewellers-zergers founded, pressed or minted metal parts.He also expanded the concept to incorporate other family relationships. Bremmer argued based on a survey of the Indo-European peoples that the avunculate is explained by the principle of education outside the (extended) family, and does not indicate matrilinealism.In historical (not anthropological) terminology, an avunculate marriage is the marriage of a man with the daughter of his sister (not explicitly forbidden by the listings in Leviticus 18).

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