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Dating a married gemini man

Just keep checking to see if you will be more than a picture on his mantle.

They finish each others' sentences, and wordplay gives them the mental buzz they both crave. Both are flirtatious beings, and at a party, they could get separated for hours. Paradoxically, some of the traits Gemini knows well might make them mistrustful of the other.

Someone on team Gemini can quickly spot tease, a con man or woman, or player.

The big issue here is trust since Gemini sees truth from many angles.

The "anything goes" attitude makes it hard to establish a sense of continuity or open to deeper intimacy.

Talkative Geminis means they cover double the topics, with lots of random asides and interrupting.

Their talks are a collage of thought, and each will try to out-dazzle the other with their mental stylings.Of course, the talents and tools in a professional psychic's arsenal don't stop there, and might also include tarot cards and runes.Get in touch with one today to learn more about your potential future with the Gemini man you desire.If your Gemini is a musician and spends time with his band rehearsing, things are fine. He will tell you everything you need to know about where the relationship is going.If he becomes popular and goes out on the road to tour, you may want to tag along. If he is thinking about life with you, he will discuss the two of you together in clear detail.Some Geminis have double standards—one for you and one for them.This complicates the issues of loyalty and respect.With the mercurial personalities of Gemini, the pace is quickened, and it can leave both of them breathless and totally exhausted. They should read about the dark side of Gemini before getting in over their heads. Unless there's a deeper current between them, two Geminis could weary of taking turns performing for each other. In the age of social networking, it's possible that two Geminis might never take it to the next level—a face-to-face meeting.They may play it out in emails and texts, for the fun of it but find they have little physical chemistry.When two Geminis have a crush on each other, there's a mirrored twinkle in the eyes.At first, it can seem like a nervous frenzy of speed dating.

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