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Dating a guy with emotional baggage

I would be concerend if it consumes her and the relationship you are trying to start.*coughs quietly* Hopefully the same person that stuck their head in my thread and offered this advice, will make an appearance here as well "No risk, no gain." You could do what I'm doing OP, and sit and wait for the perfect person to fall into your lap (or your shopping cart at Home Depot. I think it's great that you are thinking with an open mind and willing to go that extra mile. They would run the other way like they were on fire and never look back. If you bury them in the sand, you will be miserable. I came into my marriage with little baggage whereas hubby had his fair share in addition to money issues.Just to find out later they were running from something really great. I have to disagree with the rest of the people here. Living with a depressed person is a downer and not worth it. If that is the case, there are meds, but she has to take them forever. However, I decided early on when we were friends that he would be worth it to any girl since he was able to pick himself up from the ground when his marriage and post-marriag ended so miserably. I guess it depends on how strong your feelings are for this person and if you see the long road for both of you as treacherous and difficult or a little difficult but overall can be paved smoothly..know?

When you say "recently" just how recent are you talking?

I was a woman with some baggage when I entered my latest relationship but I didn't make it that any of his concern.

It's not uncommon these days for people to remain friends with their exes, so just because the man you're dating is close to an ex doesn't necessarily mean he's still in love with her.

However, a man who is still pining over a lost love is never going to be emotionally available to you.

If you were married, that would be different - for better or for worse. The best case scenario: Don't marry; see how it goes. My first impression in response to your post was that same little warning signal that Lillietta mentioned regarding bipolar disorder.

The up and down moods and the possibility of some chaotic history ("baggage") might reflect that.

Either can be a problem, but watch out for signs of misogyny.

If he thinks all women are manipulative or crazy, he probably doesn't consider you an exception.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. A part of me wants to run away, but part of me wants to give her a chance. Financial troubles she can get herself out of in time. How much more do you think you'd be hurting her if you rejected her because of it?

She seems to have a good heart, and seems like a good person. She recently just got out of a 3 year relationship. Not to mention she's got financial issues that add to her depression and baggage. When she's up, she spontaneous and fun and it's great, when she's down things get awkward.

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