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Dating a dork

And they rented out all the bedrooms, and lived there while filming the movie. Jane was like, “I’ve been working this for a while, this is how we do it, this is how we hang.” Instead of being like, “I don’t know what’s happening…” Totally. And being able to have those close relationships — that’s finding your family, outside the family you’re born into.

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They’re supportive of each other, but their relationship doesn’t need to be sexual in order to be meaningful. And in real life, too — Sasha and Forrest and I became so close. You’ve been here since the beginning of the festival — how are you staying sane? And it just plays with the fact that — like, Jane grew up on a hippie commune, she has one leg, and now she’s in a gay-conversion camp. And so when she does finally leave, what was going through my mind sitting in the back of that truck was that I am out here, free in this world, and I’m no longer in a confined space.

It’s not an impediment, it doesn’t hold her back, it’s not going to keep her from doing anything. And I think that’s so important — in this movie, nothing about these circumstances people are in define who they are.

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Moretz plays Cameron, and Lane plays “Jane Fonda” (“She might be lying about her name,” one character realizes), the camp rebel.

Along with Forrest Goodluck’s Adam, the three find strength in each other even as their caretakers at the camp try to break them down.

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