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As of Fall 2016, the school had 2,083 faculty, of which 782 were on the tenure track.

The university is nationally accredited in art, athletic training, business, chemistry, communications, communicative disorders, computer science, dance, engineering, music, nursing, public administration, public health, social work, teacher education and theater.

These areas have led to dramatic improvements in a number of markets.

The Cal State Fullerton Spirit Squad is comprised of the Titans Cheer Squad and our nationally ranked Titans Dance Team.

The teams enhance game experiences and crowd involvement for Titan Athletics and participate in various community events each year.

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF or Cal State Fullerton) is a public research university located in Fullerton, California.

With a total enrollment of about 40,400, it has the largest student body out of the 23-campus California State University (CSU) system, and its approximately 5,800 graduate student body is also the largest in the CSU and one of the largest in all of California.

Spending related to CSUF generates an impact of around $2.26 billion to the California and local economy, and sustains nearly 16,000 jobs statewide. Langsdorf was appointed as founding president of the school. The name of the school was changed to Orange State College in July 1962.

In 1957, Orange County State College became the twelfth state college in California to be authorized by the state legislature as a degree-granting institution. In 1964, its name was changed to California State College at Fullerton.E-mail: [email protected] Information For information about financing your study abroad trip, please contact the study abroad office and financial aid office at your home university.CSUF Study Abroad Financial Information Contact the CSUF Office of Financial Aid at:​"On my study abroad trip, I learned a number of lessons.The following year, a site was designated for the campus to be established in northeast Fullerton. In June 1972, the final name change occurred and the school became California State University, Fullerton.As dating apps quickly become the norm, their nature grows more and more game-like – a quick decision of which way to swipe.When people who may be questioning their sexual identities lack the support, comfort or confidence needed to explore their sexualities, the online realm allows them to do so “without the judgemental eyes of another person,” Morales said.“Unless someone is yelling at the top of their lungs or wearing certain things and you can get a better idea … So with dating apps, it’s easier because it’s clear,” Cornelius said.While it is hard having fewer dating options, it is even harder trying to figure out who those options even are.The existence of dating apps removes the often embarrassing, time-consuming and difficult process of trying to uncover someone’s sexuality.For LGBTQ people, dating apps are tools to bring ease to an already difficult dating process.I believe this engineering approach to markets will only become more important as more and more aspects of our lives are mediated by matching platforms like online dating websites, sharing economy apps and job search websites.My own research has focused on efficiency in online dating platforms, a topic that had previously received little attention, and I’m currently working on empirical research with a new job search app called Blendoor, which does race- and gender-blind job matching.

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