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Crm updating time zone information

Microsoft's mobile efforts have been stagnating for some time now, but a Tweet earlier this year from Senior Program Manager Brandon Le Blanc put another nail in the coffin: "No mobile builds are coming." report. 8: Microsoft is keeping the Standard edition for Skype for Business Server 2019, contrary to earlier plans. 5: A preview of the Call Analytics feature is now available in Teams, along with other new capabilities.Barely a year old, Teams is already being positioned by Microsoft as an integral piece of its enterprise collaboration portfolio.In a blog post announcing Office 2019, Microsoft Office General Manager Jared Spataro characterized the upcoming release as an olive branch to organizations that are still wary of making the move to the cloud.

Despite its seeming demotion, Skype for Business isn't going away anytime soon.

For one, the Teams-to-Skype transition could take upward of three years, industry watchers estimate.

Cloud may be king at Microsoft nowadays, with the Office 365 productivity suite taking much more of a leading role in Microsoft's product development efforts compared to its on-premises or retail "boxed" counterpart, but Microsoft hasn't thrown in the towel on its old-school Office software yet.

At its Ignite conference, Microsoft announced that it was readying the next version of the on-premises Office product, dubbed "Office 2019," for public release sometime in the second half of 2018.

Microsoft first announced the planned transition last September at the Ignite conference, calling the move part of its "new vision for intelligent communications." That vision entails Teams inheriting Skype's voice calling and meeting capabilities, as well as AI and machine learning capabilities via the Microsoft Graph, while running on Skype's infrastructure for the back-end.

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Those Skype calling capabilities became available in Teams last December.Microsoft is also reinstating the "Timeline" feature, which had originally been slated to appear in last October's Fall Creators Update.Timeline essentially lets Windows 10 users keep a record of their recent activities in any given app, making it easier to resume a task when they pull up that app again.Microsoft expects to roll out a preview of Office 2019 sometime in the second quarter, with general availability in the second half of 2018.New features coming down the pipeline, according to Spataro, include enhancements to the inking feature, improved data analysis capabilities in Excel, expanded Power Point animation features and better security.By the end of Q2 2018, Microsoft also expects to add screen-sharing, third-party video support, voicemail capabilities and transcription/recording services.Other features, including "location-based routing," "group call pickup," "call park" and "shared line appearance," are due by year's end, according to Microsoft.Microsoft described Sets as a way "to make sure that everything related to your task: relevant webpages, research documents, necessary files and applications, is connected and available to you in one click." Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it was pulling Sets from future Redstone 4 builds, though it will restore the feature in a "post-RS4 flight." Presumably, that means Redstone 5.For those waiting for future Windows Mobile/Windows Phone developments, however, don't hold your breath.• A separate report indicates that Windows 10 S will no longer be a standalone SKU, but will included in all Windows 10 versions as an "S mode." Microsoft's semiannual release schedule for Windows 10 is less of a novelty now than it was back in 2015, when Microsoft ushered in the OS under a new "as-a-service" model.Three years and five version updates later, Microsoft is expected to stick to an update model it nailed down last year, with one major update release coming in the first half of the year (usually spring) and another in the second (usually fall).

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