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Craziest dating moments

She said that he was so fucking horny hearing about that escapade that they fucked for most of the night, would fall asleep and then wake up and fuck some more. My wife is much more conservative today then she was 8 or 9 years ago.

Asked if she would fuck a stranger again and she said most likely not. Which is a good thing I guess, but I have to admit that I have jacked-off several times thinking about both incidents and wondering what other stories she has....

The tribute to early 80s video nasty, Cannibal Holocaust, also sees the Polks rip one of Audrey’s teeth out before deservedly getting their comeuppance at the hands of the traumatised trio.

I paid .95 to a sketchy Internet look up service and found out he was married with two children. I gave him my real number so we'd talk on the phone everyday — he'd call me.She said that she remained bent over and he started playing with her pussy.After a few seconds she stood up, grabbed his hand and they walked over to a booth, where she sat down and pulled her panties off.Hello, My sexy and awesome wife and I have been married for almost 5 years and in that time she has shared a few of her wild moments before we had met.One afternoon at a BBQ and a lot of alcohol a topic came up on the craziest place where we had had sex either with each other or with someone else.She claims that she had never fucked a stranger before and the thought of it turned her on.He told her to drive to this hotel and go to the third floor and knock on this room number. Anyway, she got dressed in a short skirt and blouse and drove over there at about pm.Well my wife threw me for a loop when she told this story: She Fucked her Boyfriend in a bar ... When my wife, 'W' was about 21 she worked as a waitress in this college bar. One night just before closing time they were cleaning up and playing grab ass with each other.There was one table full of girls and guys about seven or eight of them wrapping up their last drink before getting kicked out.She said that she could hear the table of customers talking and laughing as they fucked.After a few minutes he pulled his cock, afraid to cum because people were still there...

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