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One is Bil’s newly discovered ability to sing hymns like a professional, despite never having gone to church or taken voice lessons.

We also find out about her—and Sylvie’s—latent religious beliefs. Their relationship is just too gushy and lovey, and repeated again and again and again.

After a long struggle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and an even longer struggle with the law, Bil's brother Sam has died. Her sisters, Sarah and Naomi, seem to be dating the same cowboy, but neither knows they're sharing. Her role model, lesbian separatist and commune-builder Captain Schwartz, is having ex-husband troubles.

And, worst of all, Bil's parents have sold the family home and bought 200 acres on a remote hillside from a notoriously crooked businessman.

Holy Cowslip It's business as unusual for Bil and her crazy Idaho cadre.

I recently read an unfavorable review of a book that I had enjoyed.

Just like the 3 previous years I now provide you guys with Disney-esk crossdressing.

Have I managed to miss your favourite villain then I am sorry. some Are missing I know, but you’ll have to be contented.

Bil's mother, Emma, is looking forward to evicting local drug dealer and Sam's erstwhile pot supplier, Jake the Snake, from a run-down shack on the hillside, but someone beats her to it-with a shotgun. What's the unwelcome news from Captain Schwartz's ex-husband?

Who is pushy preacher George Knox and what does he want?

This is true, of course, for almost every book ever written, but the fact that she stated it in what almost seemed to be an apologetic manner concerned me.

I wondered about the fact that it was not published by Val MJc Dermid’s Bywater Books, which had published the first one.

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