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Consolidating email icloud

The phishing attack developed by Souek and posted a few days ago in a code repository, and first reported on by Dan Goodin at Ars Technica on Wednesday, takes a clever approach to leverage a flaw in Mail.(Goodin reported that this weakness appeared in i OS 8.3 in April, but the video dates to January, which is when the developer confirmed he filed a bug report.) The Mail app can render HTML, but--like all email apps that display rich messages--it filters out some kinds of tags and content that are either irrelevant within an email message or could be used for nefarious purposes.I would like to combine them into one list and remove the duplicates.

In the Calendar, “Overlay Mode” is such a hidden gem by which you can solve the above issue with ease.

Overlay Mode was first introduced in Outlook 2007 after Outlook 2003 introduced Side-by-Side Calendars.

Souek confirmed via Twitter that Apple's security team has been aware of the issue since January.

An Apple spokesperson said, "We are not aware of any customers affected by this proof of concept, but are working on a fix for an upcoming software update." Apple confirmed that two-step verification for an Apple ID would deter this particular phishing attack, as it does others, by requiring an attacker to use a second element that they cannot gain access to remotely.

The person posting the vulnerability, Jan Souek, says it was reported in January to Apple (though he filed a bug rather than use Apple's security reporting email).

And a video was posted in January that shows the problem.It's not an exploit that allows remote control or system access.Rather, it's a form of Trojan horse that engages in phishing, fooling the unwary and the wary alike into entering a credential in an illegitimate place that can be used elsewhere.When I hear people talking about duplicating data within their own Outlook configuration, I always cringe a bit.Usually, there is a much better way to do this but often the option to do so isn’t easily discoverable or you might not have been aware that Outlook could do it in the first place.Side-by-Side Calendars is the feature which lets you select multiple Calendars when you are in the Calendar Navigation (CTRL 2) simply by clicking the checkbox in front of the Calendar.Overlay Mode is the feature where you can actually place these Calendar “on top of each other” to create a aggregated view which looks like a single Calendar.Obviously, this is quite error prone and cumbersome.Is there any way to automate this process or a better way to create a single merged Calendar?An older Apple ID is used with i Cloud sync, a newer one with i Tunes purchases.Sometimes, I have to enter what seems to be the same password for the same account 6 to 10 times before the dialogs stop pestering me.

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