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Consolidating concrete vibration

This concrete can also deteriorate quickly since water and other materials can enter the concrete through these honeycombed areas resulting in corrosion of reinforcements and further deterioration to the concrete as it goes through freeze thaw cycles. What are the good techniques to prevent honeycombing problems?The area affected by the vibrator is about six times the diameter of the vibrator.This procedure is not obvious and management must take time to explain the correct procedure.

I have seen many cases of concrete that was not properly vibrated.

I would recommend that it is better to over vibrate concrete than to under vibrate concrete.

Thus the number and size of vibrators on the project determines the rate of placement that can be achieved.

For those who use them regularly they will tell you to expect them to break down.

A one-inch diameter vibrator consolidates a circle with a diameter of about six inches.

This means that the vibrator must be inserted in several locations to properly consolidate the concrete. Vibrators must be inserted into fresh concrete vertically and not used to move the concrete.Consolidation of concrete is the process of removing this excessive air and making the concrete into a uniformly solid mass with the needed properties.Consolidation also levels the fresh concrete and improves the bonding with the reinforcement.This vibrator has a spinning eccentric weight encased in a metal housing that will shake or vibrate the concrete in close vicinity to it.The vibrator causes the nearby concrete to settle and forces the entrapped air out of the concrete. Poor vibrations will result in voids at the surface of the concrete – normally called honeycombing.This is caused because the entrapped air was not removed, the concrete did not settle, and the voids were not filled with the paste from the concrete mixture.Since this concrete has voids, the strength of the concrete can be low.This has become more critical; now we can place concrete much faster than we can consolidate it.Thus, it is management’s responsibility to adequately train employees on how to consolidate concrete.When these air bubbles stop, you are near the end of vibrating the concrete in that area. A thin film of water appears at the surface: The above means that you have vibrated concrete in that one area and are ready to move the vibrator to a new area to begin the consolidation process again.You need to reinsert the vibrator so that the all the concrete in vibrated. If the vibrator is left in the concrete for too long, a thick film of water will be on the concrete layer and the cement will tend to sink.

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