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Conservative dating tips

Most women live in such poor conditions and view expats as upper-class that they'll be open to dating you (and more.) To the right is a cute Asian woman I was dating while in Phnom Penh. She liked the value (and status) I gave her..that is my take and I may be wrong.

So if these are the most conservative - what's a step away from the 'strict dating scene'?

If you date in these places you might come across the conservative culture.

There are places where your dating experience will be similar to what you're used to.

These places are • Hong Kong • Singapore In fact in these countries you can even date in English without a problem.

That being said the people within the country are more socially open to intercultural and premarital dating and sex.

These places are • Cambodia • Taiwan • Japan • Thailand Being with someone in these countries may be a challenge culturally.

Culturally it's still conservative as it follows Chinese culture.

Socially the locals are fine with intercultural romance.

Indonesia is a muslim country which may affect your choices.

Laos actually has laws in place to prevent intercultural dating!

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