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Conservative dating tips

Pre-marital sex or even being seen with you in these countries can be trouble.

Granted - once they get married there are conservative cultural expectations that they must meet. If you want to date the tanner skinned Thais then it's a different story.That being said socially the locals won't care that much.In Cambodia the locals are just getting used to seeing foreigners again.There are places where your dating experience will be similar to what you're used to.These places are • Hong Kong • Singapore In fact in these countries you can even date in English without a problem.In fact your world will turn upside down once you understand how your dating life will depend on the culture AND the social expectations.Get a quick look at the conservativeness of • North-Eastern countries like Japan and Korea • Eastern countries like Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan • South Eastern countries like Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia Get a quick idea of what it's like to date in this part of the world and decide for yourself if you'd like to move here.When I lived in Hong Kong I didn't even have to learn Cantonese.Granted it's always good to ask yourself if it's worth learning an East Asian language while in the Orient.Indonesia is a muslim country which may affect your choices.Laos actually has laws in place to prevent intercultural dating!

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