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From ingénue to screen legend, Shirley has entertained a global audience through song, dance, laughter and tears, and her career as writer, director and producer is even further evidence of her passion for the art form and her seemingly boundless talents.

There is only one Shirley Mac Laine, and it is AFI's honor to present her with its 40th Life Achievement Award." – Sir Howard Stringer, Chair of AFI's Board of Trustees Shirley Mac Laine's illustrious career comprises more than 50 feature films highlighted by an Academy Award win and six nominations, as well as six Emmy Award nominations recognizing her work in television.

She will next be seen on screen in Richard Linklater's BERNIE and will join the cast of TV's international sensation DOWNTON ABBEY for its third season.Her best friend Maddie (Jessica Lange), although younger, is facing dilemmas of her own.After enduring a loveless, sexless marriage for many years, her husband has just dumped her for his 25 year-old secretary.Although the movie is clearly geared to an older female audience, it's hard to imagine anyone who won't appreciate seeing Mac Laine and Lange in top form.April 22-June 11 "Shirley Mac Laine is a powerhouse of personality that has illuminated screens large and small across six decades.Eva, Maddie and Vespucci need to track down Chandler and get back the casino winnings in order to compensate for what they've already spent of the insurance funds.It's at this point that the film goes off coursewith the trio tracing Chandler to the villa of a much-feared local crime baron, Carlos (Santiago Segura), whose tough guy image is shattered when they discover he is actually a nerd who is perpetually hen-pecked by his young wife.The first Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis film to be directed by animator-turned-director Frank Tashlin, whose dynamic visual flair, pop cultural smarts and spoofy sensibility made him by far the duo’s best collaborator.Down on their luck, artist Martin and writer Lewis try their hand in the comic book industry, inspired by their new neighbor Dorothy Malone’s success with "The Bat Lady" comic –fanboy Lewis’ favorite– a character Malone’s best friend Shirley Mac Laine models for her.While living the high life and spending the insurance loot like drunken sailors, Eva and Maddie draw the attention of Chandler (Billy Connolly), a charming, erudite British man whose eccentricities appeal to them.He squires them about the island and before long reawakens Eva's dormant sexual desires.

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