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Clever email subject lines online dating

For both news articles and advertising, 75 percent of your success is gated by your headline.

If the headline does not convince the user to read on, all is lost.

Winner: “Strategies for” (as in “”) Anyone with a curiosity quotient higher than room temperature can be intrigued and motivated to open an email.

For example, using a Targeted email subject line in conjunction with an Urgency email subject line, or a Reason Why subject line used in conjunction with a Fascination subject line.

Readers love lists because lists comprise convenient summaries.

It’s simply that all editors and copywriters are veteran thieves.

They find formulas they love, and they emulate them in the future.

The Reason Why email subject line convinces the user “why” they should do something based on a number of “reasons”. Question subject lines generally pull well because they’re short and entice the reader to find out the answer.

People respond well to lists, as you’ll find out later, and according to the results below, they respond well to “) Professional copywriters know to emphasize benefits over features. In many cases, the reader already thinks they know the answer, and your headline is merely feeding their need for affirmation.

Note: While “all caps” normally increases email open rates versus “standard upper and lower,” our testing reveals that the standard capitalization used above often wins when subject lines include names and other proper nouns.

The how-to subject line is more specific because it promises to reveal “how-to” achieve the benefit.

One of my favorite tools to play around with is Mail Chimp’s subject line suggester which allows you to put in the key words of your subject line and will return the syntax of those words that have performed best in the past for other email campaigns.

It’s only available if you have a Mail Chimp account, but you can get a free account on their website, so you might as well give it a test.

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