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3.) NYC: "The city that never sleeps", excellent nightlife, "sexually liberated" women, good female-male ratios, day game, night game, online, etc. I'm from another state and the suburbs at that and I moved away but a few of my old friends back home have steady rotations and game quite easily at small house parties...don't discount the suburbs. EVERY major metropolitan area is characterized by a multitude of nightlife and loose women.4.) Austin, TX: Austin gets some hate and there are claims it's turned into a cockfest, but I observed lot's of hot women, University of Texas = abundance of college honeys, 6th St. Small cities are a different story because they're more dependent on social circles rather than bumping into honeys in meat market bars. The whole city is based on the concept of coming there and feeding your carnal urges, it being accepted, and nobody will find out.

So what do you guys think are the top 5 cities in the U. Here's the list I've come up with: 1.) Las Vegas, NV: This should be self-explanatory, ("what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"), abundant nightlife, drinking, partying culture, "Sin City", women looking for sex.

2.) New Orleans, LA: Definitely a major party town, aside from Mardi Gras, people come to Bourbon St.

all year long to party, great logistics, public drinking, lots of music festivals, universities, etc.

3.) NYC: "The city that never sleeps", excellent nightlife, "sexually liberated" women, good female-male ratios, day game, night game, online, etc.

If you are poor in NYC , is that really such a great option?

If you are a blue collar factory worker maybe you are going to have more luck in Gary, Indiana.(Now this list kind of focuses on bigger cities) *Other possible alternates* Tampa, FL: We've all read about El Mech's tails of debauchery.I get the feeling that this part of Florida is loaded with slutty women who are easy to fuck. ASU has something like 60,000 students that means something like 1 in 4 people in Tempe is a college student. Anyone else want to add or subtract to the list, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts!Forgive me if there is already a thread for this....(*Disclaimer*) This thread and my list are pure conjecture, I base this on what I've observed to a limited extent, but also from the info and feedback I get from others. I'm talking easy lays, girls that are DTF, good logistics, favorable ratios and probability for success?Paraphrasing, is DC a city where the women have Northern Bitch Shields and Southern Cockteaseness?I think LA can be decent for SNL as well as long as your logistics are in order.Online game is very popular and many girls online are DTF. I am not as well traveled as most on here but my top 2 would be Vegas and NYC.(Now this list kind of focuses on bigger cities) I agree with your assessment of Las Vegas and NYC. SF is hit and miss you're generally grabbing lower quality girls than you could get if their DTF on one ground zero for nightlife/pick up, lot's of festivals 5.) San Francisco, CA: Women in SF and the bay area are DTF, open to casual sex, lower bitch shields, etc. I agree with NYC too, makes me sad a bit I left NY to come out to Socal. I think the best answer here is "girl in town visiting" thats the best one that i've seen.Decent nightlife and good day gaming opportunities. There are more computer nerds than attractive girls. Hot girls like two things: Warm weather and beaches. I did not like Austin, Tempe should be ahead of Austin. She can rationalize being a slut by saying "oh i met him when i was TRAVELING" versus at obscure club/bar.

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