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Handler’s an unlikely best-selling author (”You think?

” she deadpans); she never set out to write a book, but her friends loved hearing about her outrageous dating escapades, and they encouraged her. ”’ Actually, she hadn’t; she had 10 more chapters to write.

Two hours later, Handler’s on camera delivering the punchline. While taking shots at pop culture luminaries and lowlifes isn’t groundbreaking, conquering the p.m. (Joan Rivers was the only woman to get a shot in that hour on a network — in 1986.) Handler’s year-old show is building a loyal audience on E!

office is buzzing about some juicy breaking news: A recording has surfaced of Charlie Sheen inexplicably calling his then wife Denise Richards the N-word. ”There are so many better words to call Denise Richards.” The 33-year-old comedian and author has been building a niche for herself in late night by daring to say what everyone else is thinking.

Each half-hour show wraps with Handler interviewing a low-wattage celeb like Fran Drescher or Michael Lohan.

It’s tempting to compare Handler to D-list doyenne Kathy Griffin or sass sister Sarah Silverman, but Handler says the only thing they all have in common is anatomy: ”There’s nothing similar about any of [us] girls except that [we] all have hot pockets.” Comic Heather Mc Donald, who routinely appears on the show’s roundtable and opens for Handler on tour, explains her friend’s appeal like this: ”She’s the king of drunk, hot blondes.

A.”Asked what she thinks about the Kardashians and Kanye West, Handler confirmed that she “kinda” had issues with the reality-famous family while she was still working at E!

.“If I see Kim, I’ll say, ‘Hi,’ but I’m just not into that whole scene -- the selfies,” she explained. “We had dated for nine months,” the comic tells the mag, “a long-distance relationship with all the stresses and traveling and running around. “So André came to me yesterday and said, ‘I think we have to try to make this work again.’ And I agreed because we’re still madly in love, and he has done a lot of the things I’ve asked him to, and I’ve done a lot of the stuff he’s asked me to…It’s just a matter of managing and understanding each other better.” Impressive! And you’ll be happy to know that Balasz (who’s previously dated Uma Thurman and Courtney Love) is working things out with Chelsea.They’ve been wandering the earth, they’ve never had a leader, until Chelsea arrived with her big boobs and long hair and sassy attitude, and they’re like, ‘She’s me!”’ In 2005, Handler provided her followers with a guidebook in the form of her memoir, , documenting her innumerable one-night stands, with such chapters as ”Guess Who’s Leaving Through the Window?Handler wasn’t so into that, but she had an idea: ”I could make fun of everything that E! Around the same time, her love life took an upward turn as well.In 2006, Handler began dating Ted Harbert, 54, president and CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group, E! ”He asked me at the wrap party to dance, and I was like, ‘With who? ”I thought if I dance with the president of the network everyone is gonna make fun of me.”I wrote 10 short stories that I sent to my manager. She reacted with her usual grace: ”I have to sleep with 10 more guys? ” Most of Handler’s stories end in humiliation — like the time she had a lot of tequila and spent the night with a little person. At first I thought, ‘Oh, great, I had a baby.”’ By 2006, periodic gigs doing wiseass commentary on E! It featured comedy segments in which Handler would, for example, interview senior citizens about such pressing topics as Carrot Top or Fergie.Soon, the network wanted her to do an entertainment news show.”I can only say what’s on my mind.” Yeah, we noticed.Chelsea Bluntly On TV or on the page, Handler is incapable of keeping her opinion to herself — no matter how taboo the topic On pregnancy ”Do you think it’s okay to drink while you’re pregnant if you’re planning on giving the kid up for adoption? ” On drinking ”I went out with a guy once who told me I didn’t need to drink to make myself more fun to be around.

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