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Similar apps including Tango and Line are still available in the country.The service had been banned because it failed to “comply with regulations”, an official told local news services.It threatened that any other app that fails to comply with those regulations will also be banned.

At my startup Speek, we’re fixing the conference call.

In order to do this, we must dwell in both the web and telephony worlds.

It isn’t clear exactly why the features have been blocked in the country.

But local reports have speculated that it is a way of protecting the revenues of traditional telecoms companies.

This means we must have an intimate understanding of traditional telephony as well as emerging Voice over IP technologies and trends.

I’d like to simplify the Vo IP world that is a black box to most startup junkies, technical and nontechnical alike.You may have also heard IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (Vo BB), broadband telephony, IP communications, and broadband phone. Translation: If you’re talking to someone and did not use a phone number to reach him or her, you are most likely using Vo IP.Common Vo IP protocols and software that you may have heard of are SIP, RTMP, XMPP, Jingle, Skype, and Google Talk.Facebook recently announced that Facebook Messenger would let users call each other through Vo IP. Let’s face it – Voice over IP Is becoming ubiquitous, and the phone number’s days are, well, numbered. And the recent emergence of Web RTC is finally warming the waters for the web nerds among us to dip our toes in the stagnant waters of telecom.Translation: You know how bad it sucks to try and do real-time audio or video in a web browser using Flash?Web RTC makes it so that you no longer need to use Flash.Browsers have started to ship with full Web RTC API support built in.This will allow more and more communication products that leverage real-time video and/or audio to bake in a very clean and seamless user experience without requiring a download.Note that while the public telephone network revolves around the concept of a phone number, apps like Skype that “call” using usernames rather than phone numbers most likely do not leverage the public telephone network.As phone number-less Vo IP adoption increases the demand on the PSTN decreases. Voice over IP (Vo IP) Vo IP (Voice over Internet Protocol) commonly refers to the anything and everything that allows for voice calls over the Internet, as opposed to through the PSTN.

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