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Well, that could well be down to the fact Facebook make videos automatically play when you scroll past them on your Timeline.It might seem like nothing, but all those seconds add up.

Have you noticed your data being rinsed or your battery being drained quicker than usual?

It will then open a new window that lets you select exactly who can see it, including a box for 'Don't share with', where you can add the names of specific people you don't want to see it. Well, if you're sent a message from someone who doesn't have any mutual friends with you, Facebook automatically filters it into the 'Other' folder under your messages.

So that's probably where that love poem that Jamie Dornan sent you has been lost.

Go to your profile and click 'About' and then 'Details About You'.

Then, click 'Add a nickname, a birth nameā€¦' below 'Other Names' and select the type of name from the drop down menu next to 'Name Type'.

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