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Biopharmaceutical companies must be able to provide evidence that data related to product manufacture are not compromised accidentally or intentionally.

To ensure data integrity, a manufacturer must certify that data are legible, attributable, original, documented in real time, accurate, complete, consistent, and enduring. Otherwise, a company cannot state that data are uncompromised.

The initial consequence of a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s failure to comply with CGMPs is an FDA warning letter.

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The main benefit of doing so is lower costs of manufacturing with quality standards comparable to those found in the United States.Poor-quality drug products may not work for their intended purposes or — even worse — may harm patients.The FDA has stringent quality control rules for drug manufacturers.Interestingly, off- shore generic manufacturers also have found themselves in the hot seat with data integrity issues.To date, the largest financial settlement relating to drug safety occurred in May 2013 when Ranbaxy USA (a subsidiary of Indian generic drug manufacturer Ranbaxy Laboratories) pled guilty to felony charges with respect to manufacturing and distributing adulterated drugs at two facilities in India.Ranbaxy was said to have In May 2014, the FDA issued a warning letter to Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.for manufacturing violations and deviations from CGMPs.Ranbaxy agreed to pay a criminal fine and forfeiture amounting to US0 million.Data integrity was the backbone of the government case.In particular, some drug manufacturers in India and China have failed to ensure that quality control procedures are followed after receiving initial record approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and do not pay close attention to ongoing quality control. Poor-quality drugs are not readily apparent upon visual inspection.That being so, pharmacists will unwittingly fill patient prescriptions with such drug products.

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