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Comment from Structural-Safety: The group name Structural-Safety was introduced several years ago to rationalise operations.

In South Africa we have found in certain types of ground formation that in a study of 650 events over the 20-year period in a particular area, 643 (99 %) were found to be directly attributable to leaking services or humans negative influence i.e. The attached paper presents a unique study of an area of before and after mitigation measures which illustrates the point.

SCOSS should perhaps stress the avoidance of water ingress.

This is an area where a few well publicised prosecutions could provide significant safety benefits.

As a practicing structural engineer and former learning professional, I would commend the distribution of the SCOSS Alert Structural stability/integrity of steel frame buildings in their temporary and permanent condition but question the efficacy of including such a long list of “learning points”.

Multiple learning points can serve to water down and ultimately lose the impact of the message.

The clear outcome of the alert could have been a warning that site welding or re-work is inherently dangerous, and needs to be carefully procured, managed, and checked.Despite having been involved with 3D drafting for the best part of 18 years I now find it very difficult to check 3D model output.I usually need to look at 2D drawings, which are vulnerable to error if they are sliced through the model at the wrong point, because they potentially don’t show features above or below the model slice.I read item 614 relating to 3D Modelling (Newsletter No 45) and found that I recognised this issue; it is something I have been debating and discussing with our own BIM manager for a while.It is my view that engineers have become too remote from the current 3D software, as it is far more complex than the 2D cad in which we were able to dabble.It means that there is less engineering input to 3D models than there would have been with traditional drawings.In effect the model is owned by someone skilled in operating the software rather than skilled in engineering.We are often working on altering existing buildings that were built after CDM's introduction, and the Health and Safety File is not provided.On Design & Build we are very far down the food chain and any query produces shrugs.I would like to see some reporting from those involved in the Edinburgh schools masonry collapse which raised serious concerns about building standards.The issues that resulted in the problems and the extent of the condition needs to be understood.

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