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The top fans and broadcasters are shown in the app so that you can quickly connect with other popular live streamers.

You can start broadcasting in seconds and even tag your stream to help people find you in searches.

This app lets you login with your Facebook, Instagram, Google or Twitter account.

Just minutes after broadcasting, we already had several viewers.

More ยป Share yourself with the world using the free Stream app.

Network A wired connection is better than a wireless connection.

Xbox Live Reputation Your account must be in good standing (i.e.

Tap the Live button under the status update section to start broadcasting on Facebook.

When you first tap it, you'll just be sharing video with yourself but you can quickly change it to be public, with friends only or with specific friends you choose.

You can also find other live broadcasters that are streaming right now plus trending and most liked users.

Anyone watching Stream video can save clips or short slices of the video stream (up to 15 seconds each) and string them together into highlight reels that can be replayed for 24 hours.

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