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Body type dating

Just remember: Balancing your activities is the key.

The well-developed, rectangular shapes of mesomorphs are representative of their thick bones and muscles.

(Before you get too excited about this perfect form, keep in mind that being a meso may also mean you have poor flexibility.) If you are a characteristic mesomorph, you have a well-defined chest and shoulders that are both larger and broader than your waistline.

Although all body types are susceptible to excessive weight gain, as an endomorph, you are more inclined to become obese.

The majority of your body weight is either centered in the middle of your body or in your hip and buttocks regions.

Here’s the skinny on the different types of bodies: A mesomorph (or meso, for short) can be defined in one word: muscular.

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If you’re a meso, your body type is usually the envy of all gym rats because you can increase your muscle size quickly and easily.

And wouldn’t you know it; the sands of an hourglass tend to settle in its bottom half just like the fat in the body.

Comparatively, if you’re an endomorph, your body fat may have a tendency to settle into the lower regions of your body, predominantly the lower abdomen, hips, and thighs, rather than being distributed evenly throughout your body.

You find balance in your workouts when you do both aerobic and muscle training.

When you think "ectomorph," think of Tom Hanks and Courtney Cox.

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