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Word, or Word Press for short, is my favorite blogging software.

I recommend it to everyone because when you make a blog with it you are instantly on the playing field with the likes of Forbes, Katy Perry, Tech Crunch, Tim Ferris Blog,, and thousands more.

It’s your job to interest these readers enough in under 1 minute and capture these readers as email subscribers so they’ll become a part of your community too.

You’ll have to give your blog time to build healthy traffic.

Writing a blog about your entire life is the second blog killer.

We all want to create a really busy blog and we’re tempted to put everything good we’ve done online, but this kind of randomness is only found on personal blogs that aren’t meant to become popular.

So in this post, we break down a few simple takeaways you can use to SEO your blog past others in your niche relatively quickly.

How I Got a Google Page Rank 3 in 3 Months with Only 28 Backlinks – Building Google was tough; building Page Rank is easy. My readers constantly send me with little notes saying these articles broke down complex blogging concepts in an understandable manner. Beautiful images will invite people to explore your blog and join in on your adventure.If you don’t have time to take professional photos of your own, I recommend getting images from Pixabay.It’s amazing over there, they keep it all free and copyright free so you don’t have to worry, and most of the images are downright stunning for any kind of blog you’ll create.For editing images, I recommend using (free and like Photoshop) and Logomakr (free with icons for logos and graphics) for starters, then upgrading to Pic Monkey (paid and what most professional bloggers and You Tubers I know use). Of course, it helps to know where these people come from: Google traffic – the best kind of traffic is Organic Google Traffic.Between these two resources you can add shapes and text to images, create collages, and create all the necessary graphics your blog tutorials will need! People search for topics like “best time to travel to New Zealand” or “easy way to loose 5 lbs” and your articles come up.Plus if you comment, you may get some nice exposure 😉 How to Blog for Money – In one of the first guides I published here, we cover several legitimate ways to monetize a blog depending on where you’re at right now.How Playboy Can Help Your Blog – For my first appearance at Pro Blogger, I stole my roommate’s magazine to figure out how we can make our blogs irresistible too. The Only SEO Your Blog Posts Needs – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is hard for all of us at first.A random example, but you’ve got to see how much free Pinterest traffic the Word Press blog known as Pinch Of Yum gets!Traffic from other blogs – when you guest post for other blogs and your article goes live, they’ll send you a surge of traffic.Sure, it was fun trying to get by with the free blog-hosting sites like Blogger and Tumblr was fun back in the day, but: When I realized getting a domain and hosting (all you need to “self-host”) was just as easy as making a purchase on Amazon – but a whole lot more fun – it was on.Once you make a Word Press blog you will understand. The best way I can put it is this, when you create a blog you should pick topic you can write about every week.

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