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find the best matching I mob) l, - “an _; ‘ L} , t F _. C" \; CQWWQEI ‘~ fi'fégfia tfl Consider entries with references to other plots, such as (3) and (5) or (b) and (h), as a pair. 0 You must write your answer in the space provided on the exam paper itself. Circle your answers, or write them in the boxes provided. mm n.5W’M (b) Find the partial fraction expansion of the Laplace transform 125 —— '25 ~ 3A fl=o “Slim” - (5 2) (5 3) ‘AJFB-r—Az - tir B 5 7, 5 3 3A Zigvzo : ACSt3 l3€$ Z 2 A 2.3 ==~ “2‘4 _ (9 2365 3) Problem 02.2: (a) Consider an LTI system with the impulse response g(t) = 6(t) — 6(t n 6.02 x 1023). Can C(s) be expressed as a ratio of polynomials in s?

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Problem 02.1: (3.) Consider an LTI system with transfer function given by :12 15(5) Find the differential equation that relates the input of this system, f (t), to its output, y(t). Think carefully when deciding whether your stated inequalities should be strict or not (Le.

Please put all the terms containing the y‘;) on the left hand side and all terms containing f(t) on the right hand side. think about whether you should write 2 or 5 versus 0, for what valueshof a, t'faa , ' output grow without bound?

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