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It is a multi-user, multi-server and multi-channel text-based chat system for near real-time communication.There are several different independent IRC networks (e.g., Quake Net, IRCnet, Undernet, EFnet).

Direct addressing, also known as "addressivity" (Werry 1996) or "cross-turn reference" (Herring 1999), opens up the possibility of taking part in more conversation at the same time for the participants.

But explicit direct addressing is not always used or required, for instance, for addressing a message to everybody in a channel (Mutton 2004a).

IRC uses the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and optionally the Transport Layer Security (TLS). Previous nicknames can be easily changed at any time by the IRC command "/nick".

Thus, impersonating someone or stealing a nick just for fun are quite simple (Mutton 2004b).

People use nicknames (also known as nicks) to identify themselves, e.g., in chat rooms (also known as channels), bulletin boards or social networks on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Nicknames play a special role in chat discourses for direct addressing; the way in which people address one another.The results of the discourse analysis are described in Section 5. Nicknames can be viewed from various aspects like psychology, sociology or linguistics (Morgan/O'Neill/Harré 1979; Reid 1991; Bechar-Israeli 1995).Bechar-Israeli (1995) defines a nick as "a name we receive in addition to our legal name [which is] usually given to us by the people surrounding us." The term nickname "was established as a variant of the Middle English noun eke-name." (Lakaw 2006).For automatic discourse analysis of chat transcripts it is important to identify nicknames in the written chat messages to know who is chatting with whom.Below a possible chat discourse extract is illustrated: The nicks of the speakers are surrounded by angle brackets, followed by a written user message (as they appear on IRC).Although Lakaw (2006) points out that the topic of a channel has an impact on the creation of IRC nicks, the following studies deal with a small number of investigated nicknames or channels.One of the pioneering studies regarding IRC nicknames was done by Bechar-Israeli (1995).And the great thing is, whether you prefer chatting extensively with your new crush first or a little fantasy in your play, there are diverse options to suit your every whim and desire. Nicknames have been used since the Middle Ages and today in a computing context the word nickname is omnipresent, especially in computer-mediated communication.Most IRC clients provide automatic text highlighting including manually set nicknames and variants.It helps us to know, in channels with a lot of traffic, who is talking to us.

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