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It’s like catching a butterfly: you have to wait for it to come to you. Maybe you should simply be happy it’s there at all, marvel at how it brightens up the day and the energy it brings with it, enjoy being in its presence. Maybe it’s best to let Erykah flit in and out of your life.

Boyfriend and producer Carl Jones shared a new selfie with his love recently listing off all the things she does for him.

“When she’s your love, your best friend, your creative partner, you n—a, your…@Fat Belly Bella,” he captioned a black and white photo of him cuddling from behind.

She’s stranded at DFW Airport during an ice storm, in a fur and “Badu in Japan” hoodie.

You never really know when you’ll find her, and that’s the point.

Badu has three children—son Seven Sirius Benjamin, with ex André 3000, daughter Puma Sabti Curry, with ex The D. C., and daughter Mars Merkaba Thedford, with ex Jay Electronica.

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It was in South Dallas, Texas that a future star was born under the name Erica Wright.It reached platinum with the help of radio hit "Tyrone" and her raw delivery of her songs.If you go looking for Erykah Badu, you will likely never find her, even though it seems like she’s always around.Beside helping the set to reach platinum, the single also later won Badu her first Grammy in 1998 for Best R&B Vocal Performance - Female.Her love ride also blossomed when she tied a romantic relationship with Andre 3000 from Out Kast.It was the exact same thing that influenced Badu to choose her career path later, While still a four year old, she was taken by her mother to perform and dance at Dallas Theater center.Coming to the age of teen, she has been quite apt in freestyling that eventually led her to meet beatboxer Ray Hargrove.Twenty years ago this month, she released Baduizm—a landmark blend of hip-hop and soul and that ineffable spirit that can only be described as “Erykah,” delicate and fierce, ethereal and street-level—and it still surprises me that we share the same space, that we are in Dallas together. 2 on the Billboard 200, basically created the neo-soul genre, sold more than 3 million copies in the United States alone, and earned her two Grammy awards. She’s like that magical gypsy lady in a great movie, that character that’s, like, mysterious and wise and silly at the same time.” Stic wasn’t looking for Erykah.I remember seeing the video for “On & On” as a senior at the University of Texas, and it is sort of baffling to me that the woman in the emerald green dress and head wrap with the voice unstuck in time lives around the corner from where I get tacos most mornings. Maybe you just ask the people around it what they saw. So it’s just always cool to be around her because she’s into something new, some fast or some kind of different practice. She landed in his apartment one day, looking at hats.She became pregnant with his child in 1997 but continued to record an album while carrying the bun in the oven.Her first live album titled "Live" was dropped in November 1997 to another acclaim.

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