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Backdating child

The same applies if your child starts an apprenticeship or starts receiving certain benefits in their own right.Payments are tax-free as long as neither parent or carer earns more than £50,000 a year.

Thanks very much xxx Whether they take 12 weeks or 2 weeks it will be from 3 months before they received the application.

It makes no difference how long it takes to progress it will be the same date 3 months beforehand.

If you’re off work looking after your child and not paying National Insurance contributions, claiming Child Benefit will ensure you get credits towards your State Pension.

If you don’t claim, you might also miss out on: Even if you don’t think you’ll be entitled to anything because either you or your partner earns over the £50,000 tax-free limit, it’s still worth claiming so you don’t miss out on National Insurance credits.

That’s more than £1,000 a year if you have one child and an extra £700 for second and further children.

If you or your partner earns over £50,000 a year, you can still claim Child Benefit .Hello all, I had my little girl in the middle of May and luckily got an appointment to register her when she was a week old. I received her birth certificate back a week maybe two weeks after but still have not received the award notice.I called them last week and the woman said that everything was on the system and she didnt know why i had not heard anything but would give me a call if there was anything wrong.So even if they take 6 months, they will backdate it for the whole 6 months.The 12 weeks is the maximum you can ask them to backdate it if you want to claim it from before the date that you actually claimed (ie, to get CB from the day the child is born, you must claim within 12 weeks of the birth & ask for it to backdated to the baby's birth day).So to backdate them would mean your workplace having to backdate payslips/re calculate pay/re calculate employers p30 (employers national insurance) which With RTI (electronic record employers submit to Hmrc each time they run payroll) they aren't strictly speaking allowed to do So if you earn £1666 before tax and NI every month, your employer will deduct £243 from that.Meaning you only pay tax and NI on the £1423 that's left.It can be worth continuing to claim Child Benefit and paying it back, depending on your circumstances.You need to fill out a claim form (CH2) and send it to the Child Benefit Office along with your child’s original birth certificate (which you’ll get back).If you don’t have the certificate, you can send in the form anyway and forward the certificate as soon as you have it.Claiming Child Benefit will help you protect your State Pension.

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