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While shooting , in which several scenes were set in Mexico, Casey was required to deliver many of his lines in Spanish.

Affleck took the opportunity to become fluent, which wasn't too hard since he once spoke it conversationally when he was a kid.

While she has since admitted to forgetting much of what she learned, Kim seems to be doing just fine in this clip from 2008.

Casey Affleck — Spanish If big brother Ben ever gives Casey a hard time about being one Oscar behind in the Affleck family, at least Casey can return the favor by bragging about his ability to speak a second language.

Two years ago, comedians John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant were on a road trip with British actress Emily Blunt, Kraskinski's wife, when they realised that miming along to No Diggity and All Night Long might be an amusing sketch to bring to American chat show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

As one sketch evolved into a regular section on the Late Night show, a You Tube sensation was born: celebrities, actors and musicians donning elaborate costumes and props to mime, or lip synch, along to well-known hits.

In fact, English isn't even Theron's first language; it's Afrikaans.

What's more, in an attempt to make the actress' name more suitable for our American tongues, the media has convinced the world to mispronounce it.

Bradley Cooper — French Being voted the "sexiest man alive" should do wonders for a guy's chances with the opposite sex.

Likewise, being able to carry on a conversation in what is often called the sexiest language in the world can't hurt either.

Bullock often traveled through Europe while her mother, a German-born opera singer, was on tour.

During this time, the future Oscar-winner became fluent in her mom's native tongue, as she demonstrates in the clip on the right., Colin Firth's character spends hours upon hours trying to learn Portuguese so he can communicate with the woman he loves.

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